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If large trees are a concern near your home K & J has all the equipment and knowledge to get the job done safely at a price you can afford. This large tree stump belonged to a 140 foot tall Tulip tree in Ridgefield, grown right up against the house with the utility lines underneath and the propane tank on the back of it. K & J successfully removed everything, including the stump. To the left we are using our aerial equipment to remove Large Maples growing over the power lines over the road and on top of a Historic home in Brookfield. Below is a retaining wall project in Lake Waubeeka in Danbury, the homeowner an elderly woman was told this job was almost impossible and would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, she was in fear of losing her septic system into the lake. K & J went in assisted her in the wetlands permitting at no charge and then went in and did the whole project in about two weeks, from cutting the trees to the final clean up, and best of all for around $40,000.00
In the pictures above and to the left, K & J was called into the private community of Sullivan Farm in New Milford because the mountain side was slowly moving down the hill and almost contacting the porches on the rear of the units. The Architects and Engineers were at a loss, we went in proposed a plan of action and within a matter of weeks we had a stable attractive hillside that the community could be proud of and once again at a fair price. Another happy client. 
The project to the right is a work still in progress. Late in 2015 we were contacted by the customer in the Candlewood Lake club, they desperately wanted to do a remodeling project on their home, but they were told by other contractors that the job was not possible because you could not build a driveway to access the house. Well a month or two later Wallah, a driveway, home currently being renovated. More happy customers.